Michal Dunaj - digital artist

Digital art / fractal art / light art

Fractal and digital art in general lover. Also realism and impressionism lover. Very good person, with very good heart, overflowing with creativity.

Colours, shapes, glow... Impressions count most and they are the main aspect of my work. I believe art should be felt, not thought about. You see it - you love/hate it. There is nothing to dispute about. Just you, the picture and your inner world.

Artworks & creative process

These compelling pieces of abstract art are now available as wide variety of state-of-the-art prints - it is up to you to choose from photographic, fine art, framed prints, wrapped canvases or metal plate prints with superior color effect and durability.
Author has 9 years of professional experience in digital and new media art. Artworks are unique with their complex creative process, style and atmosphere, leaving the viewer impressed and letting him/her to enjoy the best of what new media bring to contemporary art world.
„Bůh stvořil člověka, ale nedal si to patentovat, a tak to teď po něm může dělat kdejakej blbec.“ Jan Werich